To monitor IP igrp traffic, you can use "debug IP igrp

transaction" or "debug IP igrp events". How do you display

information about IPX routing update packets?

A. debug routing

B. debug ipx transaction

C. debug ipx routing activity

D. debug ipx events

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To monitor IP igrp traffic, you can use "debug IP igrp transaction" or "debug IP i..

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Answer:: C

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To monitor IP igrp traffic, you can use "debug IP igrp transaction" or "debug IP i..

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debug ipx routing activity

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Identify the command to determine if an IP access-list is grouped on interface e0? A.) Router(config)# show ip interface e0 B.) Router> show ip interface e0 C.) Router# show interface e0 D.) Router# show ip interface e0

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IP RIP routing is conferred on a router but not all interfaces attach to RIP networks. What should you use to prevent all RIP routing updates from being sent through selecedc interfaces without using access lists? A. passive route B. default routes C. passive interface D. route update filtering

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Company XYZ has an employee that works out of the home. The employee runs big client server applications and must quickly transfer large files. The company wants the best cost/benefit on this connection. What would be the most practical solution? A. an ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connection to the user at home B. a dedicated T1 connection to the user at home C. a dedicated Frame Relay connection to the user at home D. a standard 28.8 analog dialup connection to the user at home

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As system administrator, you type "debug ipx sap" and receive the following lines as part of the IOS response: type 0x4, "HELLO2", 199.0002.0003.0006 (451), 2 hops type 0x4, "HELLO1", 199.0002.0003.0008 (451), 2 hops What does "0x4" signify? A. That is a Get Nearest Server response. B. That it is a General query. C. That it is a General response. D. That it is a Get Nearest Server request.

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Which OSI Reference Layer controls end-to-end (host to host) communication? A.) Transport B.) Physical C.) Datalink D.) Network E.) Session

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Hi Everyone,i have done b.e. and i am CCNA certified, i am searching jobs related to ccna. Although i don't have experience in networking field, i found very difficult to search job(posted my resume in all job portals). I am very much interested to work in networking field, please guide me, my mail id:; Please let me know any company taking ccna freshers(Preferably delhiNCR location). Thanks guys...

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Novell's implementation of RIP updates routing tables every ____ seconds. A. 60 B. 90 C. 10 D. 30

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Identify the true statements about the following access list: Access-list 101 deny tcp any eq 23 Access-list 101 permit ip any any A.) This access list prevents the host from telneting B.) This access list prevents any telnet traffic from subnet C.) This access list filters some telnet access D.) This access list denies any telnet traffic to subnet E.) This access list is invalid F.) The netmask on the this access list is reversed

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As the system administrator, you enter the following commands at the command prompt: ipx routing access-list 800 permit 2b 4d int e0 ipx network 4d ipx access-group 800 out int e1 ipx network 2b int e2 ipx network 3c What did these command accomplish? A. Traffic from network 4c destined for network 4d will be forwarded out Ethernet0. B. Traffic from network 3c destined for network 4d will be forwarded out Ethernet0. C. Traffic from network 2b destined for network 4d will be forwarded out Ethernet0. D. Traffic from network 4d destined for network 2d will be forwarded out Ethernet0.

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Which feature of PPP (Point to Point Protocol) allows the router to bind multiple channels together, to form a single logical channel? A.) multi-link ppp B.) multi-channel ppp C.) can't be done D.) omni-ppp E.) plp

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What’s the default CDP holdtime in seconds for Cisco routers?

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