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To monitor IP igrp traffic, you can use "debug IP igrp

transaction" or "debug IP igrp events". How do you display

information about IPX routing update packets?

A. debug routing

B. debug ipx transaction

C. debug ipx routing activity

D. debug ipx events

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To monitor IP igrp traffic, you can use "debug IP igrp transaction" or "debug IP i..

Answer / guest

Answer:: C

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To monitor IP igrp traffic, you can use "debug IP igrp transaction" or "debug IP i..

Answer / sekhar

debug ipx routing activity

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When setting up a WAN network, everything outside of the Demarc is not owned by the customer. Which of the following are not owned by the customer? A.) The T1 line. B.) LAN C.) The Router D.) DTE E.) PC's F.) CO

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Hello Every one. Actually its my first time to using this site and first time to posting a question. Actually i need to know about CCNA Exam. Please can any one tell me about the Exam style and any recommendation for study? Best Regards to all the Friends

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Hi, I cannot download anything on my office pc. only because of that i want online practice sites. anyway thanks for providing me website

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