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I am a MBA(Finance) and done my graduation in B.Com (H).I
have a teaching experience of 3 years in a Management
college. I want to shift in IT as an Oracle apps
(Functional) consultant.

Could you please suggest me some certified courses in
Oracle Appa(Functional)in Delhi/NCR region which provides
placements as well.

or can anyone suggest some other course in line with my
educational qualification.

My Email ID :


Hi, I am a MBA(Finance) and done my graduation in B.Com (H).I have a teaching experience of 3 y..

Answer / avinash s m

Hi Anshul,

I am Called Avinash, serving as a Finance Functional
Consultant. I dn't know when you have posted your query in
this site. Anyway, coming to your query, I suggest to enroll
into Oracle University for Finance Module and take up
Certification. On the virtue of your certification, some of
the enterprises will take you into their rolls as a trainee
or Associate Consultant, through which you'll earn real time
implementation experience.

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