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whst is detailed information aboutaccounting standards 20to 29

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what are golden rules of accounting.......?

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Expand C C I T

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What is chargeback and purpose of chargeback?

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scooter fuel is under conveyance and car fuel is under car running & maintenance exp.. Is that right

2 Answers   ADS,

How do u show Drawings In Trading Account ?

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expand P R C

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I am a non commerce graduate acting as office manager in a construction company. I am interesting to learn accountancy thru short cut methods and in a short duration. Can any body there to help me. I will be pleased to receive any sugessions and learning tips to my e-mail

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Examples of automatic generated content material of car logbook loans?

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I am pursuing MBA in finance and I am having the work experience of 2 years as a customer support executive in Lg electronics. So,Please suggest me whether I can show this experience at the time of interview or not?

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what is the full form of esi in payroll what is calculation in payroll

1 Answers   Reliance, Wipro,

what is bond and what is debentures

11 Answers   Karvy,