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how to add swap space?

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how to add swap space?..

Answer / stratovarius

For swap slice:
1.mkfile <size of swap file> <location of swap file>
eg:#mkfile 512m /data2/swapfile -->where /datat2 is a
precarted directory and swapfile is the swapfile
automaticaly created.
2.swap - a /location_ofswap_file
#swap -a /data2/swapfile

For swap partition:
1.Create partition using format command. eg: c1d0s4
2.swap -a /dev/dsk/c*t*d*s*
#swap -a /dev/dsk/c1d0s4

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how to add swap space?..

Answer / ramanji.gundala

swapadd -a /dev/rdsk/c#/t#/d#/s#

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