fun(int x)
if(x > 0)
printf("%d", x);

above function is called as:

what will it print?


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Answer / guest

0 1 2 5 10

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Answer / mahesh patil

Only answer 1
answer 4
answer 7 are correct others are wrong..
If you are confident on your answers please check once then
write a post.

Correct Answer: 0 1 2 5 10

This will print in reverse order because, This is a
recursive call, Every time a function is called the values
are stored in stack/stack is created. when x value reaches
0 then it will return. So stack is LIFO order, So it will
print the values in reverse order.

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Answer / raj

0 1 2 5 10...Please don't post the wrong answer.

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Answer / gg

0 1 2 5 10 is the answer. But can anybody explain why the
printing order 0 1 2 5 10. Why not 10 5 2 1 0 ? please...

Is it depends on stack allocation??

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Answer / code

Guest & Raj is correct.......
Please don't post the wrong answer if u r not clear about this

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Answer / sridhara bd

0 1 2 5 10

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Answer / amit

All are incorrect. Please try it on a machine and see...
The answer is 012510. Please not that it is 0 1 2 5 10 but
without spaces.

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Answer / hemavathiarun

Hi all,

since the code is calling the same function with different
values,it's not at all possible to move to printf statement
until x becomes < 0

so only when the compiler gets the value of x as 0 the loop
will be stopped.

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Answer / sunil v r


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Answer / ashwin kumar

hi Gg

answer is 0 1 2 5 10

this not stack prlm dear

here printf is after the function call dear so it is
printing 0 1 2 5 10

if u wnt to see 10 5 2 1 0 as output plz keep printf
function before function call that is

fun(int x)
if(x > 0)
printf("%d\n", x);


but output will be 10 5 2 1 only on 0 is printed

this above new code will give segmentation error in netbeans

thank u dear

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