If I have written the test cases for any module.And some
features are added/removed to & from that module then what
should I do with test cases?

If I have written the test cases for any module.And some features are added/removed to & from ..

Answer / rajendra prasad

Very good question:

when some new features added to the existing module,the
testcase document should update with the new testcases
according to the new features.

When some features are removed from the module:
then removed feature related testcases should mark with
redcolor and these red color marked testcase should not
consider during execution of testcases.
This is called as 'blocking' of the testcase.
But u must not delete the testcases which are related to
the changed/removed functionality.
if u remove /delete the testcase document then the testcase
numbers will not be consequtive and tester may get doubt
testcases are deleted due to functional change or
accidentally deleted.
Even the removed functionality may be reintroduced in future
then the the blocked(red color marked) Testcase may be
reused with out preparing new testcase.


Rajendra Prasad Reddy

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