What will be the output of
x++ + ++x?

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Answer / sadashiv

these type of expression evaluation is dependent on

if u use turbo c and x =1;

then answer would be
int x=1,y.
y = x++ + ++x.
printf /n'%d',y.
here y = 4

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Answer / dhanashree

if x=1 then output will be 4

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Answer / lakshmi

If x=4 then answer is 10

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Answer / manojkumar

I have worked out this.in turbo c3
void main()
{ clrscr();
int x,y;
printf("%d",x++ + ++x);


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Answer / dushmanta

it will gives u a garbage value according to u r compiler

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Answer / debashree

int main()
int x=1,y;
y=x++ + ++x;
return 0;

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Answer / srinivas

for this what is the input value of x.First of all we have
to give the input value of x.
if x = 1 then answer would be
int x=1,y.
y = x++ + ++x.
printf /n'%d',y.
here y = 3

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Answer / shashi shekhar

In this type of question the operation done from right side of the expression.Here we can see two types of increments pre and post increment,in post first the value assigned then increment but in pre first the value is incressed then the value assigned.

For example if x is initialized with a value
"1" then the this expression gives the output "4".

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Answer / shivu


printf or any other expression executes from right. So first
prefix increment. then 2 and assigned to y. and will get add
with the result again, then it will increment.
now the value of x is 3. but the output is 4.

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Answer / prem

if x=3
y=x++ + ++x;
y will be 8
x will be 5

calculating y part
1) x++ is 3 and x will be 4
2)++x is 5 bcz x is incremented then assigned so x=5

so y finally gives 8.

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