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will the program compile? int i; scanf(“%d”,i); printf(“%d”,i);

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will the program compile? int i; scanf(“%d”,i); printf(“%d”,i);..

Answer / vignesh1988i

surely it will compile and run , no problem will be in
it.... but the problem lies in ur scanf statement , there
what ever u have typed as an input number , that number
wont be stored in 'i' since you have left ur '&'(reference
operator) , so ur compiler dosen't know where to store ur
input value....... so it will print some garbage value in
the printf().........

thank u

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will the program compile? int i; scanf(“%d”,i); printf(“%d”,i);..

Answer / girish

it gives the garbage value of that perticular element.

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will the program compile? int i; scanf(“%d”,i); printf(“%d”,i);..

Answer / raghav

it showing the null pointer assignment

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