Imagine that hotmail is the application taht ur going 2
test write 10 critical test case to test it ?

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Imagine that hotmail is the application taht ur going 2 test write 10 critical test case to test i..

Answer / alok

1. Check if login procedure is working correctly. Also
check if you can retrieve/reset your password using forgot
password link (the whole procedure)
2. Check if there is a proble in the procedure that takes
the user to inbox (after login).
3. Check whether you can delete/flag particular messages.
4. Check if message search is working.
5. check if a message (source)can be added the spam list
and then try to send a mail from the same ID.
6. Test the usability options like font / background /
7. Reply/reply all to a particular message and check if the
reply includes the original mail or not

8. Add an attachment higher/lower than the allowed capacity
9. Forward a message with attachment to ensure that whether
or not the attachment is included with the message
10. Access other msn network links and then try to come
back to your inbox
11. Select particular messages and press delete
12. Select save a copy in sent folder and see if the sent
messages are being saved there
13. Check the appearence on different browsers
14. specify wrong password three times and the account
shall be locked out/word verification screen shall appear

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Imagine that hotmail is the application taht ur going 2 test write 10 critical test case to test i..

Answer / testerdheeraj

1. Check if user is able to register succesfully with valid details with mobile verification.
2. Check if user is able to login successfully with valid details.
3. Check if after logout by clicking back button user is not able to logged in again.
4. Check if after login - inbox, outbox, sent mail, drafts, trash are able to access.
5. Check if compose mail function is working and mail can be sent with or without attachement successfully with valid details.
6. Check if composed but not sent mail go into drafts.
7. Check if forget password function does necessary checks to validate the registered user to recover his/her account
8. Check if more than one user is not able to register with the same mail id /details.
9. Check if more than one instances(sessions) of login with same userid does not opens.
10. Check if after 3 invalid attempts to recover account the account is blocked.
11. Check if registered user is able to receive emails to his registered mail id from other mail services with/ without attachements.
12. Check if mail/s can be deleted from inbox, drafts, sent mail, and that mail/s gets stored in trash.
13. Check if user is able to logout successfully.

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