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Loadrunner training

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Performance testing Training

Wise Info,

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Question { GE, 39586 }

what is Rendezvous Point?


It is like a traffic signal.

In general scenario using loadrunner we are running the
test for some duration like 30 min or 1 hr. In this
scenario all the vusers not hitting the transaction at a
time. some of the users may wait between the transactions.

if you want to stress on the particular business
transaction then insert Rendezvous. it will stop all the
vusers at that point and it i will release all the users at
a time .

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Question { 28334 }

What is think time? How do you change the threshold?


Think time means the time gap between the two actions done
by the user

It is used to Generates a real time scenario

Means, Suppose if you take two users A and B, A is expert
with Yahoo application And B is littlebit poor, then A will
done the Actions faster than B. B will wait some time
between the actions. that time is called think time.

In real time scenario we will use random, 50-150%

Wipro-PErformance Team

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Question { 15068 }

what is the 90% ile time in the analysis results?


90%ile means

Suppose if you take 100 vusers, response time getting by
the 90th Vuser

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Question { IBM, 6813 }

Where we can analyse the perfomance graph in Loadrunner?


Using LR-Analysis.

Using Analysis we can find out the response times and
bottlenecks, Server process times and Resource usage and
network latency by merging different graphs.

Wipro Technologies

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Question { 4763 }

Hi My question is, when u involve in a real time project
how did involve(role) from the begining to at relase the
product what risks and steps takes ? plz only for real
timers, i dont want bookish knowledge (Chandana) prf ble to
Ans this one for Mr Srinivas,Mr Ajay etc.... Thank u


When you are involving in to the project. First of all you
need to know the Basic architecture of the application and
need to know about the Servers.

And you need to know the protocol level like which protocol
is intercting.

Performance testplan, baseline documents,Effort estimation
plans,Bench marking.

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Question { IBM, 13009 }

what is think time when u will use it?


It is the time, that a normal user waiting between two

Use of this think time is to simulate real time scenario.

We can limit the think time or we can modify the thinktime.

There is onemore timeparameter in Loadrunner is THRESHOLD
It is useful to limit the think time.i.e suppose we enter
threshold as 5 sec, Loadrunner wont generate any Function
into the script

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Question { IBM, 12026 }

how much memory will allocate for 1 vuser?


According To the Microsoft Standards

For Windows based User-3MB
for Unix/Linux Based User-0.5 MB

-Satishreddy Mandadi

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Question { 23411 }

what is bottleneck?


Bottleneck is the process to identify which element is
slowing down (or)Degrading the response time

We can find out the bottlenecks using graphs. Throughput
and avgresponsetime graphs

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Question { ITC Infotech, 9522 }

When we go for manula correlation, automation correlation
Expl?(Chandana) Real timers Plz


According to the stantards Auto Correlation may satisfies
only 70%.
Some times autocorrelation Didn't Identifies the string

Always Better to go for Manual Correlation.

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Question { 10915 }

how can we record the Ajax Script, when some of the
validations devloped in AJax using Loadrunner 8.0.

I know there is separate protocol in LR 9.0


Hi There is a separate protocol in LR 9.0

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Question { TCS, 53090 }

what do you mean by 90 percentile in the Lr report


it is the responce time of the 90th person

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Question { EDS, 23739 }

What is Latency in LoadRunner? What is Network Latency?
could u explain in detail how to define this network Latency
in LoadRunner?
Thanks in Advance


when client send a request to the server,server sends the
response to the client.
This whole response depend on the network latency+server
request process time.

time taken to the request & response in the network side.
this latency depend on the network bandwidth.

Satishreddy mandadi
Performance group-wipro

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Question { 8528 }

what is the language(Script) use in Loadrunner script?


TSL, it is c Like Script, We can do manually

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Question { 3708 }

hai friends, it s very urgent ...pls do help me out ......
please to help in working with load runner to find the
response time of single user,5 user etc.... i dont have
any prior experience but i am in the situation to handle
this scenario.....its very urgent ...pls help me


For single user u will get the response time in VUgen
itself, More then one user u must go to the controller and
assign the user load.

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Question { Wise Info, 1635 }

Performance testing Training


This course covers all aspects of using LoadRunner, from
planning your load test scenarios, through to developing
your VuGen scripts, executing your scenarios and finally
analyzing your results. The course covers real-world best
practices for effective use of the software.
Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated,
and the delegates get to practice what they have learned in
each chapter with hands-on exercises. An optional 1 day lab-
based practical is also offered, which gives you the
opportunity to plan & execute a performance test project
from start to finish. The course is intended for anyone
that is new to LoadRunner.

send a mail for more details

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