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you hae a inbox and got a mail how can you know it is there
or not write script.

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how u can connect database without using any wizard in winrunner?

1 Answers   Accenture, MBT,

did you winrunner architecture

3 Answers   Wipro,

What is the function of eval function?

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how are virtual object configured

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Data Driven test functions in WinRunner are Context sensitive functions or Analog functions?

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Where are the expected results will be stored?

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Hi iam a begginer or rather new stsrter to QTP and strugling to start as i have to start writing the automated scripts for the existing manual testing could some one send me some tips ans tricks for a jump start. Any help is greatly appreciated

0 Answers   John Deere,

How do you create a new expected results in winrunner?

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what is the default mode of executing TSL Script

4 Answers  

How do you run your sciripts in Win Runner?

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What are the Win Runner tools for functional testing?

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what sould come under "tell about ur self"? need tempelate

3 Answers