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What is descion table?

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What is descion table?..

Answer / m.m. swamy

descion table is one of the black box testing technic

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What is descion table?..

Answer / hari s sankar

Decision Table is the method used to build a complete set
of test cases without using the internal structure of the

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What is descion table?..

Answer / ramyasri


A decision table is a two-dimensional matrix with one row
for each possible action and one row for each relevant
condition and one column foreach combination of condition
states. A decision table can very concisely andrigorously
show complex conditions and their resulting actions while
remaining comprehensible to a human reader.

Thanks & Regards

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What is descion table?..

Answer / mfsi_krushnas

1.A decision table is a good way to deal with combinations
of things (e.g.inputs)

2.decision tables and state transition testing are more
focused on business
logic or business rules.

3.Decision tables aid the systematic selection of effective
test cases and can
have the beneficial side-effect of finding problems and
ambiguities in the specification.

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What is descion table?..

Answer / mfsi_krushnas

Decision table is a black box technique.

1.It is generally used for business perspective and for

2.It contains certain rules.

3.It can find beneficial side effect of ambiguities in the

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