what is exit criteria and entry criteria with proper examples???

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what is exit criteria and entry criteria with proper examples??? hi, i faced so many interwies in t..

Answer / shifa khan

Entry Criteria : When the entry criteria is met only then we will start testing , so we need to check whether the entry criteria is met i.e All the test cases for the module to be tested should be ready , the module should be ready to execute (should be developed completely ) ,The test data should be ready , The test environment should be ready , so we need to check for all these things before starting testing , this is the entry criteria , once it is met we can start testing.

Exit Criteria : Once the exit criteria is met , we can stop testing i.e All the testcases should be executed , At least 90-95% of the test cases should pass , All the major functionalities should be working , all the major defects should be fixed , The software should be as per the customers expectation , the testers should have confidence in the software then we can stop testing , this is the exit criteria .

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