what is meant by system testing?

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what is meant by system testing?..

Answer / deepa

Test the whole application is called as system testing.
after completion of the coding the programmers relesed a
build to the testing team. system testing is divided into
two types
1)functional testing
2)non functional testing.

correct me if iam wrong

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what is meant by system testing?..

Answer / nagk24

after integration testing completed system testing will be done.
System testing means ones the the application or product
developed completely,validate that as per user requirements
it contains both Functional and non-fumctional

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what is meant by system testing?..

Answer / thirumalai.m

system testing is nothing but to test the system
specification that means to test whether the system
configuration is satisfied the user needs and working with
in a specified developed platform.its simply defined as
whole system testing...........

u correct me ......if any mistake made in the answer .........

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what is meant by system testing?..

Answer / rajeev

System testing is very small one because the name system itself given the answer that is system testing we have to test the complete system in system testing we test the both function as well as non function parameters of software testing

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what is meant by system testing?..

Answer / thamim

system testing.

system testing otherwise called block box testing. its done
by the tester. its testing environment

you correct me . i make some mistake in the answer

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