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can u prove that 1=2?
is it possible?

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / mohan kumar

no definetly not. if it s proved then the whole of
mathematics ll go wrong and the world ll collapse. if
proved using some manipulation then there ll be surely some
mistake involved wchich is unexplicit. cozze there r
restrictions 2 use any mathe eqtn or anything that counts
so it can never b proved and shouldnt b as it ll b like
insulting all great mathematicians. also the whole of stock
market ll collapse and a man having 1$ ll say he has 2$
which ll bring in a lots of consequences

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / spider mad

yes it is possible if and only if everyone in this world
become mad,GREEEEEEAT MAD.

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / traci

Perhaps if one embryo becomes 2 children, that would be 1
equaling 2.

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / vignesh1988i

we have natural numbers which starts with 0,1,2,3,4... and
whole numbers (+ve alone) is 1,2,3,4..

0 1 2 3 4 . . .

1 2 3 4 5 . . .

when seen with respect to the order and equalling we can
prove 1=2

thank u

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / prasant kumar

hi sonali...
i could not understand your answer....acn u explain it

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / anshul

everybody is canceling 0 from 0... don't u have any other trick

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can u prove that 1=2? is it possible?..

Answer / sonali .a. jayale

i.e. 1
1 is equal to ? is detailed explanation of answer
2 stands for to.
so 1=2? 1
answer is 1

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