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Who is your role model ?

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Who is your role model ?..

Answer / mohammad nayeem

Hello every one. MY Role model is of course my Father.
Because take care of me very well.Each and very time when i
am in trouble, confusion and in tension. He just say that do
what heart says .He never said no to me when ever i ask for
some thing........I live must on him is that his helping

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Who is your role model ?..

Answer / d.roja

My mum is my role model because she loves me forever. She love the any problem in my life. She also teaches me in every minute. She trust me. She is a heart of my self. I am very lucky because my mum. She is God's gift in my life.

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Who is your role model ?..

Answer / nasir khan

my role model is my elder brother he is hard worker.He is illetrate because of my family problem he could not study still he has got a high position.He is successful person but he never proud himself and respect others.he giudes me and cares me a lot in my studies and personal things.If i will get chance for next birth then i would like to be my elder brother.thus i consider my elder brother is my role model.

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Who is your role model ?..

Answer / rachel bernstein

my role model would have to be my bestfriend kristina she is always there for me no matter what and i know i could count on her for anything she always does the right thing and when something goes wrong she always does the right thing to fix it and make the world a better place she is the best thing that has ever happend to me and i hope i never loose her in my life she means alot to me <3

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Who is your role model ?..

Answer / hari

i am proudly saying my role model is i the i because i the i is very comparative belongs to he. so i am very proud that i am is i. many hr's will like this answer.

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Who is your role model ?..

Answer / sarmatha tk

My tamil Teacher , she spend her life for eight children
with very very simple life

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