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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / damodar

My most memorable moment :

My most memorable moment happened
in my school days.
The moment happened when I was in class 4 , while the
school day annual celebration
was going on ,suddenly my name was been announced that I
got the first prize in
telugu eloctution ,still that time I have not even got
any prize even though
I participated in many cultural activities and sports
events .
so on hearing my name I got surprised
and become proud to receive that. while receiving the
prize I was been praised by my classmates ,class teacher
and the principal.
so thats why i consider it as a most memorable moment
which was unforgottable in my life.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / divya gupta

my memorable moment of my life my 19th birthday ....... my
all freinds had decided to gaive me a surprice birthday
party all of them treat like they dont knw abt my birthaday
no one in my group wish me i was wait a lot but not a
single ring i heard than i felt tierd go to my bed to
sleep nd tomorow means on my birthday i went my colge n my
all freinds stand up in front of my class room with cake
flowers n gifts they sing a irthday song with together nd
they made my birthday memorable .............

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / ch.rakesh

my best memorable moment in my school days experiences.and it
is also one of the most memorable phase of my life.when i
look back at those days smile automatically comes on my
face.i don't really know weather that smiles is the
expression of good experiences or bad experiences.but,i can
certainly tell you that weather it is i like the way i see my
self as. no one in this world is completely happy but
intensity of happiness may varies from person to person.this
was the point of realization that always enforced me to face
the challenges during my school days.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / dinesh

my memorable movement is my 22nd every birthday till 21st i celebrated with my family and friends.for the fist time i celebrated with old age orphans by seeing them i got tears in my eyes.they treated me like there son that feeling was most memorable day of my life till now.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / tarun

My memorable moment in my life is..An achievement in the field of sports during my graduation.I have captained for my college cricket team for district level competitions in which we won that tournament in the year 2012.It was the most memorable day in my life in which i led my team to victory at crucial circumstances when the opposition was better than us.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / mahathi reddy

hi good evening friends, i would like share a few words on memorable day,my memorable moment in my life .when i was in under garduation time .basically iam a sportslover that was the time my preparation is going for mid exams. one of my friend got some news about distirct level cricket championship tournament conducted by eenadu is going to ready.from my principal side we didnt get any positive response .but that was a last day to submit our squrad list.finally we get convinced our principal .eventually me missed that opportunity,i just loose my hopes.moreover form lot of hard situation. we entered into tournament .we 11 are strong bounding from our side .firstly we finished first game with sweet victrocy that was time we never look back again .at the end session certainly we in finals .in that case opposite team was very strong.our target is get 200 runs in 15overs .as result our opening contributed well in that circumstance .on the other hand we got lost some crucial wickets .i strongly belive in my side .i take a charge to bat in that hard times sowlyget some runs with runnig bwtn the wickets .gentlly i finshing with a couple sixs . in that case not only a finsher but also a skipper my team. in fact my name is awarded as player of the tournament.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / sudesh

year 1995 was momorable year of my life came when my
respectd father became an army officer.
after a struggle of so many years finally he reached at
this place. everybody was very happy
we enjoyed a lot.
i believe that hard work never goes waste.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / ashok sjitole

my momerobel day was when i was in 9th Std & I got 1st rank
in the running compitition.I got the prise form my school
principal in frount of all 3000 teachers & all
family mambers were proud of me .when I entered my
classroom I got chockletes from my class mates that was my
memorabel day in my life

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / ali

my most memorable days of my life was when i was in 9th std i have written state level maths competition exam
i have paid sum of rs 320 for that and i have taken that exam or competition very lightly and all of friends 
have had studied for or they have worked hard for that exam and suddenly on school day suddenly i came to know by
my drawing teacher that i have got 23rd rank in the state and i was shocked as compared to my all friends i have 
scored best rank and praised by by friends and my teachers.that competition had changed my way of thinking that never
thought only about the first only participate .that's why i consider it as my most memorable day of my life..    

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?..

Answer / mantun kumar roy

Most memorable moment of life, when I was in sixth standard. It was annual day celebration in my, every student of my class participated in the cultural function. Everyone performed very well, as I guessed, I never won any prize, so I was not aspecting that I would win, but I got surprised when my name was announced for the first prize, I got happy and I think it was happiest moment of my life. 

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