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basically oracle i dont know .so what kind of courses and
how to prepare and where to write a exams and fees detaile
and it features sent to friends or sir or madam

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basically oracle i dont know .so what kind of courses and how to prepare and where to write a exams..

Answer / sujoy

I think the best training provided on Oracle is provided by
DBCommit Technolgies. they are expert in database
the faculty there is excellent.
try to contact them they are located in gurgaon.
you can also try to visit their website to get
details about different certification program they offer.
e.g OCA, OCP etc.

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basically oracle i dont know .so what kind of courses and how to prepare and where to write a exams..

Answer / sree

Go through the oracle university site...
All other certification info you can find in the below
link :

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