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how did u do performance testing in ur project?plzzz guys
with experience answer in detail, like hw u ppl have used
it in ur project. Thanku in advance.

how did u do performance testing in ur project?plzzz guys with experience answer in detail, like h..

Answer / shivanand


Suppose you are working on the web application Project,
which has to test the application of 100 VU.

In this type of application select the some scenario
and appropriate test data which should be approved and
accepted by the Clint,
(Scenario can be selected based on the
application workflow and end user prospective)

Think you have selected 3 scenarios for the load
100VU, add bind them all in the schedule , and run the
application with the different percentage of users in the
3 scenarios,
Like 1st one scenarios is the most
common, load around 60% , 2nd 30%, and 3rd 10% ,

Run the script ….if u given the load about 50 VU, 30 users
will do the 1st, 15 Users will do 2nd , 5 Users will
attempt 3rd scenario,

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