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write a test case for employee income caculation it is
awindows aplication when window is opened all options
should be disabled except empno when user enter 3 charcters
empname,empdes,basic should be displayed but they should be
inactive,HRA,DA are active enter these two gross is
displayed,enter tax then net income is displayed.all inputs
must be integers and min is 1 and max is 4 charcters for
all text boxes.gross =basic+HRA+DA and netincome= gross- tax

write a test case for employee income caculation it is awindows aplication when window is opened ..

Answer / sharanya

1. Verify whether the Employee Income Calculation
window is opened or not
2. Verify that all fields should be in disabled state
except the empno, HRA, DA
3. Validate the empno field. i.e using the boundary
value analysis check whether the field accepts specified
boundary or exceeds the limit
4. Validate the empno field to accept numbers &
5. Verify whether the emp name, emp desg and basic
fields are auto populated when the emp number is given
6. Verify that the emp name, emp desg and basic fields
should disabled even after auto populated with the data
7. Verify that when the HRA and DA are entered Gross
should be auto populated
8. Validate the fields HRA DA and Tax using the
boundary value anaysis
9. Validate the fields HRA DA and Tax to accept only
10. Verify whether the net income is displayed when the
tax is displayed
11. Validate the result of Gross and net income with
the Gross= basic +HRA+ DA & net income= gross- tax

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