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Hi All,

1. How to Run QTP Scripts from Loadrunner, can u plz give
steps in detail
2. Can we put LR functions in QTP script...?
3. While Executing QTP Script in LR, can we use the
Correleation concept...?

Hi All, 1. How to Run QTP Scripts from Loadrunner, can u plz give steps in detail 2. Can we pu..

Answer / ajay

First u record a script using QTP.then put that script in a
run mode. then open loadrunner and then start
recording .make sure that this moment u should be opening
the IE browser from the load runner.then now after making
the browser open then run the script in QTP.nOW THE QTP
SCRIPT WILL LOOK FOR A BROWSER. Obviously it will use that
browser which we have opend already with the load runner.
so once the scripts start running the load runner
automatically records the events.This is how we can use the
qtp scripts in load once recording is done we do
correlation as useal.

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