How do u Check sending a message Through mobile(it could be
text msgs ,picture messages ,so that it should cover all
the possible scenarios )Its urgent plzzzzzzzzzz,....

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How do u Check sending a message Through mobile(it could be text msgs ,picture messages ,so that i..

Answer / latha

Hi frnds
if any additions, or any mistake in this..kindly do it

Check for the availability of the Mobile
Check the buttons on the mobile
Check the mobile is locked or unlocked
Check for the unlock of the mobile
Select the menu
Check for the messages in menu
Select the messages
Check for the write message in messages menu
Select the write message
Check the buttons writing alphabets
Check for the chars how many u can send
Write the message on the write message menu
Select the options
Select the send
Check whether asking for the phone No. of the receiver
Select the Search for the receiver Phone No. if Exits
Enter the Phone No. of the receiver
Select Ok
Check for the request send.

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How do u Check sending a message Through mobile(it could be text msgs ,picture messages ,so that i..

Answer / mudaseer

take 2 mobiles send message from one mobile to another
and check whether the message is delivered or not

send blank message and check whether it is delivered or not

send message more than 160 characters and check whether it is delivering or not

send picture message and check whether it is delivering or not

send a message when there is no signal in the phone
it should display signal not available

send message from 1 phone to other by switching off other phone the message should be delivered when the 2nd photo
is switched on

send message from 1 phone to other by turning on the airplane mode of 2nd phone
and check
and many more test cases

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How do u Check sending a message Through mobile(it could be text msgs ,picture messages ,so that i..

Answer / him

Latha has given some pre conditions: i.e.

Mobile with text messages/MMS both (read/send) facilities
with a valid available of network must be.
Check the requirements as most of the mobile hand set
having facility to access the message menu through a No. of
systematic option/short keys/direct click on hot key to
access direct option to write a message.
Check for all the possible ways to access write messages
If text message then check for all the
alphabets/numbers/spl charcters and the maximum(length)
text accepted.
sending to a single user or multi user.
chk for sending option.
adding/selecting destination mobile number through
different option available as per the requirement.
chk for different validation like Ok or Cancel option.
Delete any wrong inputs,Send button.
successful sending message pop up.
Check the same in the sent items with the correct date and
time set in the mobile.
If MMS then test expands accordingly.

Its not complete just to understand how to Chk...

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