What's an 'inspection'?

What's an 'inspection'?..

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An inspection is more formalized than a 'walkthrough',
typically with 3-8 people including a moderator, reader,
and a recorder to take notes. The subject of the inspection
is typically a document such as a requirements spec or a
test plan, and the purpose is to find problems and see
what's missing, not to fix anything. Attendees should
prepare for this type of meeting by reading thru the
document; most problems will be found during this
preparation. The result of the inspection meeting should be
a written report. Thorough preparation for inspections is
difficult, painstaking work, but is one of the most cost
effective methods of ensuring quality. Employees who are
most skilled at inspections are like the 'eldest brother'
in the parable in 'Why is it often hard for management to
get serious about quality assurance?'. Their skill may have
low visibility but they are extremely valuable to any
software development organization, since bug prevention is
far more cost-effective than bug detection.

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