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tell me about a pleasure trip in ur life?

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how many hard disk drives are there

31 Answers   Brigade, HCEI, IBM,

Can you work in shifts?

0 Answers   HSBC,

what are the advantages of crm ?

1 Answers   Siebel,

Extra initiative by u in your current organization other than your Key Result Area (Routine work).

1 Answers  

Im a B.Tech fresher, I have very less marks, Im applying for Tech Support job in call center, how to convince interviewer that I will stick to the job, and not leave the company if i get a SW job?

0 Answers   247Customer, HCL,

I want to know in detail about SHRINKAGE & Atteration, the two terms mainly used in call center interview ?

1 Answers   IntelNet, Tech Mahindra,

Is their any one who can answer my question ? When is the SBI exam for clerks which has 11,000 recruitments.......?

1 Answers  

Why do you consider yourself suitable for administration position?

0 Answers  

what is callcentre.

20 Answers   Airtel, BPO, Hutch, Infosys,

hi my qualification is intermediate im 26 yrs old can i go for call center jobs

11 Answers  

Where do you see yourself after five years? : bpo

0 Answers  

how to calculate AHT

1 Answers