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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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Why do you want to go abroad?

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what is your strength and weakness, where do you see yourself in seven years, how do you handle stress, why only marketing,how do you handle client,

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sell this pen too me?

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why do you choose this company?

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Esplain why you think you are suitable for the position of Marketing Assistant?

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What is the procedure for Sales Tax Filing? which can come under this head. whn we file it? wat r all the materials to be submitted? For eg: i hav a company named 'A'in chennai. my branch 'b' is in Bangalore. the sales made in bangalore can be (come for sales Tax Filing)filed in chennai? and also the purchase from bangalore can be(Sales tax filing) filied in chennai?

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1.what is the definition of sales? 2.what is the definition of marketing? 3.what is differance between sales& marketing?

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What is Brand Equity???

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who to increase the sale promotion?


pass the journal as wellas ledger entries off the foll 1st jan :> started businress with cash rs 1,20,000 & goods worth rs 60,000. 2nd jan > cash purchases rs 50,000. 4th jan >cash sales rs 40,000. 6th jan > purchase good's from sonali on credit worth rs 30,000 at 10 % trade discount. 8th jan> sold sood's to komal on credit rs 20,000 at 10% trade discount. 10th jan > paid rent by a cheque rs 50,000. 12th jan > good's worth rs 4,000 lossed by fire. 14th jan > good's worth rs 3,000 withdrawn from business for personal use. 16th jan > good's worth rs 2,000 distributed as free samples. 18th jan > good's worth rs 1,000 exchange for furniture.


In which book of prime entry would the vat output Vat on credit sale be recorded?

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