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what is difference between inetd and xinetd

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what is difference between inetd and xinetd ..

Answer / tumon

The major difference between inetd and the newer xinetd is
that inetd uses a single configuration file, with one line
per service, while xinetd uses a configuration directory,
with one file per service

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what is difference between inetd and xinetd ..

Answer / susheel narayan singh

The difference between inetd and xinetd----

Inetd and xinetd both help to rstart and reload services but
to restrt service in inetd we use---
#service dhcpd start
but in xinetd we use----
#service xinetd start

NOte: in inetd we give name of that service it means if you
want to start dhcpd then you will have to give name serivce
dhcpd start
but in xinetd service we don't type that service telnet
start to start telnet we type service xinetd start.

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