Linux Interview Questions
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Send me some of the commands being used in linux

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What is the difference between an argument and an option/switch?


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What is the difference between home directory and working directory?

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Which directory is closer to the top of the file system tree, parent directory or current directory?

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in LINUX,What are two subtle differences in using the more and the pg commands?

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When is it better to use the more command rather than cat command?

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List all the files beginning with A

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How can you see all mounted drives?

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tell me some of the Linux HotKeys do you know?

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What u know abt tar Command?


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How you will uncompress the file?


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What does the top command display?

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How can you find configuration on linux?

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What are RPM?s, what do they offer?

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How does the boot process[init levels] work on Linux? How is it different from Solaris?

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How to use the PF_LOCAL and AF_LOCAL Macros?


How to Choose a Socket Type?


How to Controll and Deallocate Shared Memory?


How to Examin the /etc/services File?


How to Specify the Domain of a Socket?


How to Initialize Semaphores?


What are System Calls?


How to Manipulate IP Numbers?


What is the use of endservent(3) Function?


What is the use of PF_INET and SOCK_DGRAM?


How to Understand Network Byte Order?


What is Hard mount and soft Mount?


1. User gaves df -h and the system get hanged. why ? 2. what is the hardlink and softlink mount ? 3. why is portmape should be started ? 4. what is nologin option 5. how to restrict users from accessing nfs ? 6. what is the difference between cpio and tar 7. what are the kernel parameters ? how to find out it ? 8. why we use sysctl.conf ? 9. if we gives init1 from multiuser runlevel, will it affect other users who already logged in to the system ? 10. what will be the available space to use after configuering raid5 with 5 disks each having 5gb spce ?


How to perform I/O on Sockets?


Why is it suggested to disable journalism in ext4 filesystem?