Linux Interview Questions
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Send me some of the commands being used in linux

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What is the difference between an argument and an option/switch?


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What is the difference between home directory and working directory?

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Which directory is closer to the top of the file system tree, parent directory or current directory?

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in LINUX,What are two subtle differences in using the more and the pg commands?

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When is it better to use the more command rather than cat command?

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List all the files beginning with A

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How can you see all mounted drives?

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tell me some of the Linux HotKeys do you know?

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What u know abt tar Command?


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How you will uncompress the file?


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What does the top command display?

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How can you find configuration on linux?

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What are RPM?s, what do they offer?

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How does the boot process[init levels] work on Linux? How is it different from Solaris?

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What is ssh? How to connect to a remote server via ssh?


Explain trap command; shift command, getopts command of linux?


Is it possible to use shortcuts for a long pathname?


How can you copy lines into the buffer in command mode?


What is icmp flood?


List the three main parts of an operating system command?


What is difference between at and cron?


What is inode number?


What is export ld_library_path?


what is the gate of ftp server in redhat linux?


Hi All we are porting are application from linux 2.4 to 2.6 .Please let me know what kind of manual balck box testing we can use to test application and how.


How can we increase disk read performance in single command in Linux?


Why is it suggested to disable journalism in ext4 filesystem?


How to Create a FIFO?


How do you find out the processes that are currently running or a particular user?