Linux Threads Interview Questions
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Say we have three threads T1, T2 and T3 which perform sequentially one after another is their any benefit of using thread over here rather than having a single process.


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What is the use of thread over process?


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what is crondtab daemon?


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At installation,Red Hat Fedora Linux creates a symbolic link called _____ to the appropriate cd-rom device

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An extended partition can contain many sub partitions called_______

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A _____Bios automatically assigns the necessary configuration information (IRQ's I/O addresses, and DMAS) to devices and avoid conflicts.

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When performing a Linux installation the____ command can be typed to start the installation without framebuffer support

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A _____ cpu is a cpu that has a speed greater than the speed that was originally intended for the processor.

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what is the scope and packages being offered after the linux course completion,i'm really waitin for the answer?

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differtent ways of creating threads???? other than pthread

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what do you mean LD_LIBRARY_PATH? What LD_LIBRARY_PATH does

CTS, VIT University,

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How can i recover the linux system after it was crashed. I want step by step process.


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how can i tell how much memory linux is using?


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is there a command line shortcut to the login directory



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is there a command line shortcut to the login directory