Linux System Calls Interview Questions
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What are the signals we have in Linux

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what is segmentation fault?

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what is bus trap.


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What is the use of proc structure?


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What will happen when we invoke a system call and say with an example of invoking a system call ?read? for a device?


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what is the diff b/w MUTEX and semaphore?

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what are Softirq's and how many major numbers be allocated in the linux kernel(2.4) ?

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How to give the root permision to users?


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if root user forget the password how to change it?


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What is the Diffrent between Redhat linux And suse linux


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linux system its not booting up its showing groub error what i need to do?


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how to configure ftp server on redhat linux?


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how to configure sendmail server on red hat linux version 4 and what and all we Require?


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what is nis server

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what is samba, what is configuration file, how it will work?


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I would like to know whether Simado and Setu products are they EPBX or not ?


what are different ways the context switch happens from user to kernel space or vice-versa ?