What is the difference between keyword driven frameworkd
and Modularisation framework?(Chandana)

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Answer / sivaperumal

Modularity Frame works is Application and System dependent.
Its old and initial method of frame work.
It has two components:
1.Generic script
2.Call lib

In generic script has script from theier we calling
call.lib in which we record the application and store it..

Keyword Driven Frame Work. It is advanced one. It is
Application and system independent.

It has four components:

1.Script folder
a)Mani lib
b)call lib
c)proc lib(process library)
d)std lib
2.Repository folder
3.Excel sheet
4.Notepad file

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Answer / sara

Modularity framework:
This is one of the olden methods of framework. This
framework is system dependent. Here we

Components of modularity framework:

1. Generic Script.
2. Main Script.

Generic Script:

* In this part we have the scripts of the sub functions in
our test cases.
* These sub functions will be stored as Library files (*.vbs).
* These sub functions will be called by main script for
performing actions in there.

Main Script:

* In this part we write script to execute our test cases as
a single framework.
* We integrate all the sub functions by using call
statements to execute the framework.

keyword i dont know

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Answer / naren

Modular FM: U can find the ans in Sara ans

Keyword FM: It is expensive framework but easy to maintain
and independent of the tool. We can use any tool to
implement this frame since the script which is developed
using this framework does not contain any code except Call
to function.
Everything will be written in functions(*.VBS).

CONTROL FILE: Contains scenarios to be automated
TEST CASE FILE: Contains test cases in a Tabular
format(i.e.,Keyword, Object Name, Operation to be performed)
START UP SCRIPT: Which initiates the execution by calling
reading control file contents.

Data Driven FM: Script execution will be done using the
input of External files/Data table. First the script will be
generated either recording or in scripting mode then the
values will be replaced using the values stored in external
files/data table

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Answer / sriram reddy

Modular approach
This approach involves identifying reusable code and
encapsulating the same into functions in external
libraries. These functions can then be called from multiple
scripts as required. The basic idea is to bring in some
amount of reusability, and this was a logical next step to
basic record and playback. Most of the frameworks today use
this approach to some extent.

Keyword Driven Approach :
This approach uses a set of custom keywords to depict a
user action or a set of user actions. It is also called
table-driven approach sometimes. Excel sheets are typically
used to specify the keywords (databases too in rare cases).

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Answer / rida

Modular FrameWork: QuickTest Records the operation and
executes operation basedon actions, which is consider as

Keyword FrameWork: Based on a Keyword if we are calling a
function, which is keyword Framework


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