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1.i applied to only one universtity,i got my admisssion
when i say this to visa officer,when VO asks me, will it
make appear in good sense, because i have only 65% in UG
and low TOEFL score? PLS give me your suggestion

1.i applied to only one universtity,i got my admisssion when i say this to visa officer,when VO ask..

Answer / pop

hi, tell the truth of why you are so interested in that only
one particular university and the reason. and finally you
got the admission in the sense that you have met the
admission requirements of that university. with a great
confidence give reasons why you got low scores in your UG
and TOEFL.always be positive. and show your great interest
to further your studies in that university and that you are
hoping to perform more and to get high marks in your next
level of studies.

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why have you notdone ielts or toefl before applying?

1 Answers   US Consulate,

completed my GRE and TOEFL Here is my complete Bio. GRE Quant -740 Verbal -330 TOEFL- Reading=Writing=Speaking =20 Listening =19 Total=79 SSC i.e 10th =74% HSC i.e 12th = 67% B.Tech EXTC (1st , 2nd ,3rd Year) = 3/4 CGPA " NO BACKLOGS " (NMIMS UNIV. Mumbai) Completed mini Project(Metal Detector) in 2nd year , another 1 Year Porject(Voice Recognition Security System -biometrics ) in 3rd year. Persuing 4th Year doing Project on Next Generation Networks in a World Wide Recognized Company Internship in "3" Companys Please Evaluated My Scores i want to get admission in MS. in MOT (Management of Technology) Is there any chance to get Rejection for Visa due to my TOEFL or GRE score ? also Scholarship is it Possible acc. to my acads ..............????????

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i recently got uk visa but i want to get us visa so i will apply or not???????????/

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1. Why do you want to study in America 2 Can you explain how you will be successful in a US university 3 .Tell me how MBA degree will better your economic position. 4.Many students haven't returned back to their home country after they finished their degree in USA. How can I believe you will go back?

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Why bachelor in information and technology?

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Hello I got only 1 I-20. I did my Bachelors in computers and MBA,now ia have alpplued for MBA(information systems).I have 2 years of work experience in HSBC in India. What are my Visa success ratio.

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I have to go to usa for high school can i know what are the requirement please ??i know i have to get f1 visa but how would i get it what do i need for it ???

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why bba in usa?

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Three years back my friend's brother had attended visa interview. Eventhough his all documents were perfect than they wat to be, VO didnt gave visa to him. He told that VOs just reject visa to get more money for visa office as it costs more than 100$ each time to register for interview. Again he applied with the same documents but he got it true....they just reject visa for the purpose he told........pls give me a genuine answer.....

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Why did you choose US ?

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Dear Friends. I hv a valid F1 visa till 2012. Due to family emergency I came to India in Feb 2010 and I am still in India. Recently I came to know that I have to give visa interview again because I am away from US for more than 5 months. Do I need to prepare all the visa related documents once again? and what is the chances for me to get the visa?

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hi..i am gurinderjit singh my visa application is two time refused.i don't know the reason . now i am going 3rd time. give me any ideas how to face them ? how much visa surity is there for me this time ?

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