How to retrive XML file data in QTP ? using Script(Chandana)

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Answer / kr

In QTP9.0 it supports XML input also same as in
QTP8.2 we can import .xml files into user defined
Environment Variable section.

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Answer / sandipgami84

Hi Chandana,

u can retrive data from database(XML fromet)..

u can use SQL..
LIKE e.g. Select * FROM TableName For XML Type, AUTO

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Answer / fayaz

We can load environment variables from an xml file.

File --> Settings and click the "Environment" tab

You can see a check box "Load environment variables "

check it and give the path of the xml file.

when u run QTP , the variables in XML file will be
And you can retrieve those values using Environment.value
("variable_name") from any actions.

Hope this will answer your question

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Answer / nidhi jain

Chandan, below is solution

Const XMLDataFile = <your file path>

Set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xmlDoc.Async = False

Set nodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes(<provide you node hierarchy>)
MsgBox "Total books: " & nodes.Length

Set nodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("<node hierarchy>/text()")

' get their values
For i = 0 To (nodes.Length - 1)
Title = nodes(i).NodeValue
MsgBox "Title #" & (i + 1) & ": " & Title

I hope this will be helpful.

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Answer / reddy

shilpa u can not understanding what is the requirement of
what she asking is how to retrieve xml file data using
script in qtp

ex: u have data in datatable that all the will be retrive
in xml format using script

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Answer / shilpa reddy

chandana,we cannot apply xml data directly to script,first
we should import data into runtime datatable using import
sheet/import methods.using datatable methods we can apply
this values in our required location in the script.I
provided script for this in further answers,check it out

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