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Explain Doc/View architecture

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Explain Doc/View architecture..

Answer / surendra mishra

A MFC application is created using different classes. Each
of the class has given a distinct responsibility.

1. Frame window class - Represents the application window.

2. View class- Represents the data to the user in specific
understandable format.

3. Document class – Represents the applications data.(
Program data used by application during its execution).

MFC architecture allows user to represent the data as
documents in different views (formats ex. Charts, tabular,
textual). View(s) are attached to the application frame

SDI Example: Let us say we have a application with name

In SDI application we have following major classes derive.

CMySDIApp-Application class derived from CWinApp.

e) CMainFrame - Frame Window class derived from CFrameWnd

f) CMySDIView - View class derived from CView (Can have
multiple classes)

g) CMainDoc - Document class derived from CDocument.

Above three classes are bind together using a Template
class called as CSingleDocTemplate.

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Explain Doc/View architecture..

Answer / srinivas endra

Document/View Architecture represents pure Windows(SDI/MDI)
application, which is based on Mode View Control(MVC)
pattern. This Doc/View architecture separates the data from
view. One of the use of this Doc/View architecture is, we
can see multiple forms of the data.
Example. Two Charts(Pie chart, Bar char) for one common data.

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Explain Doc/View architecture..

Answer / rajeev k r

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Explain Doc/View architecture..

Answer / sitesh jha

The Document/View architecture is the foundation used to
create applications based on the Microsoft Foundation
Classes library. It allows you to make distinct the
different parts that compose a computer program including
what the user sees as part of your application and the
document a user would work on. This is done through a
combination of separate classes that work as an ensemble.

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Explain Doc/View architecture..

Answer / mohammed mohantaj

The Doc/view architecture basically encapsulates the data
in the form of document object and separates it from the
view object which will take care of presenting the data for
the user in some sort of view in a window frame.

The most of the work in Doc/view app is done by the view
class. And the data storage is taken care by the document
class. The logical binding of the document, view(s) and the
frame is done by the document template.

The follwing are the main classes required to be created to
implement the doc/view architecture.

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Explain Doc/View architecture..

Answer / prachi

Doc/View architecture provides logical separation between
application data and representation of data. The document
may also provide an interface to the data wherever it
resides (such as in a database). A separate view object
manages data display, from rendering the data in a window to
user selection and editing of data. The view obtains display
data from the document and communicates back to the document
any data changes.

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