MFC Interview Questions
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What is Thread ?(VC++)What is the difference between Cmutex and Csemaphone?

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What is LPCTSTR? What does LP denote it?

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What?s the difference between Modal and Modeless Dialog?

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How to create a Modeless Dialog?

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How to setup a timer?


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Name the Synchronization objects?

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What is a critical section and how is it implemented?

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Given two processes, how can they share memory?


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What is a message map, and what is the advantage of a message map over virtual functions?

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What is the difference between ASSERT and VERIFY?

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What types of threads are supported by MFC framework?

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What are the differences between MFC Exception macros and C++ exception keywords?

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What is the command routing in MFC framework?

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How can we create thread in MFC framework?

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What MFC base classes provide support for ActiveX controls?


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List out the basic features of MFC.


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