Win32API Interview Questions
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What is Win32?

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Function entry for DLL in win3.1

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win 3.1 supports which type of multi tasking?


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what Message displayed when a window is destroyed

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write About send message and post message

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what is the function to repaint a window immediately?

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Message to limit the size of window

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About GDI object?

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how to Initialize contents of a dialog?


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what API used to hide window

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System call executable binary file into a process

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what is the difference between MFC and Win32

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what are the design patterns of an MFC application

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What are the COM components

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How to load Bitmap at Dialogbakground in an MFC application?

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What is an Hash Mapping in java?


What is Function entry for DLL in win3.1?


What is preemption and context switching?


What Message to limit the size of window?


to take three string inputs in a two dimensional array of 3 rows and 15 columns and write a function that prints them.


explain WM_PAINT message ?????


what is the stack size in win 32 program


What is System call executable binary file into a process?


What is GDI object?