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how do u find out memory leaks in any application..?

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how do u find out memory leaks in any application..?..

Answer / pandu

Memory Leak u can find by using any performance tool like
Load Runner, Silk, Performance Monitor etc..

To know ur self you can do one.

1. See the free space in ur system.
2. Run ur Application.
3. See the free space again after completion of ur
4. If you have some difference between two free spaces find
in previous steps gives you the memory leak. If you don't
have difference means no memory leak.

This is one approximate method. But don't do anything while
doing this process.

Or you can use Performance Monitor(free tool with OS) by
creating some counters.

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how do u find out memory leaks in any application..?..

Answer / batchu

By Endurance Testing we can find Memory leaks .

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