Explain Agile testing with example?

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Explain Agile testing with example?..

Answer / reggie

When the requirements are not clear or when there is a scope for constant change in requirements then agile methodology is implemented. One of the main reasons for Agile methodology is the delivery of high quality end product. But the implementation of this methodology depends on the time and budget of the project as well.It also provides the test team to work closely with developers, business analyst and stake holders.

If we take a web application, where in the first page we collect cust details, 2nd page is address, 3rd page is product selection 4 th page is payment. So in this example with agile, first the cust details is developed and testing team performs testing on it, next address page is added to it and testing is done on it and then the third page and finally the 4th page and at the end we do an end to end testing. That is how the agile process carries out.

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Explain Agile testing with example?..

Answer / nitin sharma

Agile methodology is used where Customer requirements added
frequently,its a iterative process,many iterations are
included in this.There is a Sprint for 2 or more weeks in
which there is daily scrum meeting of 15-20 mins held by the
scrum master where devlopers and testers sits together in a
frankly enviorment.Scrum Master ask eaveryone about the task
waht they did yesterday,what will do today and ist their any
obstacle they faced during the task and sprint is of fixed
time it will never vary if any one would not acheive his
target then it will transfer to next sprint.

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Explain Agile testing with example?..

Answer / kals

changing da requirements causes errors,to overcum dat v perform testing, ie agile testring..

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Explain Agile testing with example?..

Answer / rajeshsgupta

it is customer of testing where we provide every newly
developed module to customer and if there are any changes we
change accordingly.

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