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what is latentbug

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what is latentbug..

Answer / sridhar

The bug which is identified after one or more builds are
released or the bug which is identified after the
application is released to the client
Anything wrong in my answer pls mail me

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what is latentbug..

Answer / stc

the bug which goes unnoticed in the build while tested and
found in the later versions of the application when it is
tested again.

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what is latentbug..

Answer / guest

The Bug which is not visible in the frontend of the
application build is called latent bug

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what is latentbug..

Answer / sampathi kotla

if the same defect/bug identified on the with one or more

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what is latentbug..

Answer / neelamari

Latent Bug means "Hidden Bug" which is not yet found.
Means the bug exists in the software which we are testing.
But we have not detected the bug so far.

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