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What is L44 Kernel? please define and explain?

What is L44 Kernel? please define and explain?..

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why we join medical rep

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which state was ranked fist inproducing rice and 2nd in producing potatos?

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where is plural executive exists in ?

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what is the difference between front loading thief and side vented theif? which one is best and why?

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Hai i am swetha from hyderabad.Plz let me no the details for medical transcription i am new to this field and very intersted to learn it.suggest me anyt soon as possible. THANK YOU

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advantages of analog communication?

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How is concentration of surfactant is chosen for the dissolution media in dissolution development ?

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How do you resolve a composite and a multi valued attribute?

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what can be happen if terrorist attack on electric train by demage the high tension line..?

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hi i am in final year of msc electronics.i am interested in space research.but i dont know which stations offering if any one has an idea please tell me the details. thank you

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write a program in c language that is able to compute the determinant of any 5*5 matrix from your program with at least five examples and print the result

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What is Para Psychology?

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