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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / kunal rao

Cricket is a British game but popular more in India. cricket is a game played between 2 nations. Each team consists of 11 players each. first of all a toss is conducted to decide which team will bat or bowl. Then batting teams 2 batsman comes on the cricket field.
The score put by the batting team needs to be chased by the bowling team when they comes out to bat. Cricket is played in 3 formats 1. test match which is played for 5 consecutive days each day consisting of 90 overs. 2. is one day cricket consisting of 50 overs. 3. which all of us knows 20-20. Consists of 20 overs. at the end of every match A man of the match is there , who performs best in the field and that trophy goes to him.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / pankaj dabral

Nowadays the game of cricket is very popular in big and small cities. It has come to India from aboard.

For a cricket match besides eleven players on each side and a set of umpires, cricket bats, balls, wickets and screens are required. Whichever team decides to bat starts the game with two batsmen on both sides. The members of the other team start bowling. Rest of the players of the bowling team take position themselves at different positions in the fields for “fielding”. Batsmen can be out as l.b.w, stumps or by catch. Besides individual runs, a boundary is worth of four runs and a sixer with six runs. Higher scorer team wins the game. It plays in 3 different formats 1) One day international 2) T20 cricket 3) Test match. In T20 and one day there are limited overs. The running commentary, radio and television had made the game very popular throughout the world.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / aayush

Cricket the game that is famous in india , invented by england it is national game of england . In i'm starting there is toss and the winning toss team will say that if they want to bar or field . If he take to bar and score 300 runs the other team had to score 301 runs to win in a one day cricket match.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / sriharireddy

Cricket was invented by England.But it become more popular in India rather than England.In india cricket is the important topic in media is a game in which two teams play.first off all there is a toss b/w to capitans.which ever teams wins toss he decides either to bat or boll .The team which bat first set up a score which is to be chased by the other team. If a team scores 200runs the other team scores 201runs to win the match.If it scores less than 200 it losses the match. If it also scores 200 it's a tie. And again he want to play super over.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / raj patil

cricket played between 2 teems of 11 player each team bat
twice & field twice 2 batsmen at time are on the field at
opposite ends of the 22 yard pitch in the center.The
batsmen striking end they tries to hit the ball between
fielders.The 2 batsmen then score by runing between the
wicket if he hits ball boundry he score four without having
to run. The bowlers bowls 6 ball from one over end of the
wicket then a second bowler bowls from other end they
attemp to swing & spin the ball making it difficult to hit.
Betsmen can be out in a number of ways including being
bowled out them the ball hits the wicket caught out by one
of the fielder or runout by a fielder throwing the ball at
wicket when all the player are out the win who make most
runs in inning

raj patil, pune

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / padma

Which cricket do u mean,we have two cricket,
one cricket is game and another is an insect.
But why all the word is in all uppercase letters.
I do not know much about the insect. but I know little bit
about the game
today our country is playing world cup match,telecasted on
Do you know who is sponsoring,
The sponsoring partners include PEPSI,LG, Reliance,Hero
Honda as I remember few.
The theme song,the cricket ball symbol as the logo for this
world cup was good.
cricket is a game with wickets,bails,bat,
with captain,umpire,third umpire,and the team and audience.
with commentators.
run rate,overs,sixes,fours,wides,pitch,pevilian etc..and
Game between the representing teams from few
countries.Series played once in every 4 calendar years.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / akhil

it is a game

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / shashwat mishra

Cricket is a damn game which people think is their life goal
which they think that they have to achieve. people make
bitter relations between them because of this cricket.
people think Dhoni, Sachin and other players are their god
to whom they have to preach. I think cricket fans such
people who don't think that there any relations joined with
them. So, I think that the love for cricket should be reduced.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / akash singh

cricket is national game of england. But it is most popular in india rather than england. Cricket is like a religion in cricket many religion of are playing hindu,muslim,crishtian etc.

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Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?..

Answer / ajmal

hello cricket s a international game that started in england. and then its started n all over country.. mosly cricket played in asia country like ndia bangla pak lanka,in olden days players dnt have prper dress for cricket . aftera ong time they got prper dress .. cricket makes man prefect .stable...

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