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Which of the following is not a compound?

1 Silica

2 Red lead

3 Slaked lime

4 Black lead

Which of the following is not a compound? 1 Silica 2 Red lead 3 Slaked lime 4 Black lead..

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(4) Black lead

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hai sir pls send me Appsc Assistant Statistical Officer(ASO) previous papers. And Apsrtc MST previous papers. Thanks you sir.

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The chemical (ethyl merceptan) added to the otherwise odorless LPG cooking gas for imparting a detectable smell to the gas is a compound of 1 Sulphur 2 Fluorine 3 Chlorine 4 Bromine

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The hardest substance available on earth is 1 Platinum 2 Coal 3 Diamond 4 Gold

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precautions to be observed while using electrical equipment

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Radioactive disintegration of uranium ultimately results in formation of 1 Radium 2 Thorium 3 Polonium 4 Lead

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The element required for solar energy conversion is 1 Beryllium 2 Silicon 3 Tantalum 4 Ultra pure carbon

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Brass is an alloy of 1 Nickel and copper 2 Zinc and copper 3 Nickel and zinc 4 Nickel and silver

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where is the indragandhi furnal in delhi, who is bulit in krishna sagar dam

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we know in mathematics that a matrix is an arrangement (array) of different elements , memebers . Then, how does the movie "Matrix" relate with this concept. In movie "Matrix" we have seen that it shown a war between machines & humans. And we know to operate machines we need code like 0 1 & 1 0 . How ? explain ?

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The pink color of Bayer’s reagent is discharged when acetylene is passed through it. This is due to the formation of 1 Acetic acid 2 Ethylene 3 Water 4 Oxalic acid

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