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World Heritage Day was observed on

1 April 26, 2003

2 April 18, 2003

3 April 12, 2003

4 April 5, 2003

World Heritage Day was observed on 1 April 26, 2003 2 April 18, 2003 3 April 12, 2003 4 ..

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(2) April 18, 2003

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Who amongst the following is the to-recipient of the UNESCO Peace Prize for 1998? 1 Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2 Nawaz Sharif 3 Birendra Bir Vikram Deo 4 Sheikh Hasina

1 Answers  

A 500 feet tall statue of Lord Buddha is being installed in India and it will be the World?s largest and also the modern day wonder of the world. The statue will be installed in 1 Sarnath 2 Rajgir 3 Nalanda 4 Kushinagar

2 Answers   PTCUL,

who is the information and technology minister of tamilnadu

4 Answers   Hyundai, Kanbay, NDA,

Oberon, Titania, Arial, Umbrial and Miranda are the five chief satellites of which of the following planets? 1 Jupiter 2 Neptune 3 Uranus 4 Mars

1 Answers  

On whose recommendation was the constituent assembly formed ? a) Mountbatten Plan b) Cripp’s Mission c) Cabinet Mission Plan d) Govt. of India Act, 1935

1 Answers  

Winter rains in north and north-west India are generally associated with the phenomenon of 1 Retreating monsoon 2 Temperate cyclones 3 Local thunderstorms 4 Shift in jet stream movement

1 Answers  

What is the importance of ozone in atmosphere ? (A) It provides protection against Ultraviolet Radiation (B) It provides condensation nuclei (C) It creates green house effect on the earth (D) None of these

5 Answers  

Of the modern European nations the first to come to India as traders were the: (a) English (b) Portuguese (c) Dutch (d) French

1 Answers  

. In a examination, every candidate took physics or mathematics or both. 65.8% took physics and 59.2% took mathematics. The total number of candidates was 2000. how many took both mathematics and physics? (a) 750 (b) 700 (c) 550 (d) 500

2 Answers  

Annual Economic Survey and Mid-year Reviews are brought out by 1 Commerce Ministry 2 Finance Ministry 3 RBI and CII 4 Economic Times

1 Answers  

Which of the following states does not have any atomic power plant? (a) Tamil Nadu (b) UP (c) Orissa (d) Rajasthan

1 Answers  

Ad Asia 2003, which was attended by 1,400 delegates from 20 countries was recently held at 1 Jaipur 2 Delhi 3 Mumbai 4 Ranchi

1 Answers