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The wavelength of X-ray is of order of

1 1 cm

2 1m

3 1 Angstrom

4 10 micron

The wavelength of X-ray is of order of 1 1 cm 2 1m 3 1 Angstrom 4 10 micron..

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(3) 1 Angstrom

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Indian Air Force was established in the year : (a) 1932 (b) 1947 (c) 1857 (d) 1950

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Who administers the oath of office to the president of India before he enteres upon the office ? a) Vice President b) Prime Minister c) Chief Justice d) Speaker

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Which three main islands combined are called the Greatest Andamans? (a) North, East, West (b) Middle, South, West (c) North, Middle, South (d) East, West, South

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ICICI is the name of a (a) Financial Institution (b) Chemical Industry (c) Cement Industry (d) Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Sunderlal Bahuguna is associated with protests against Tehri Dam project and 1 Green Revolution 2 White Revolution 3 Chipko Andolan 4 None of these

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Which is the only book written by Margaret Mitchell reputed to be one of the largest selling best sellers of all time? (a) Gone with the Wind (b) The Three Musketeers (c) Born Free (d) Ulysses

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Which of the following countries won the tri-nation Coca-Cola Cup cricket trophy held in October, 1999 at Sharjah? 1 India 2 Pakistan 3 Sri Lanka 4 Australia

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Pick the odd man out. (A) Ashish Balal (B) Dhanraj Pilai (C) Pargat Singh (D) Milkha Singh

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What is the highest award of National distinction for exceptional work in the field of art, literature, science and public service in India? (a) Nehru Award (b) Jnanpith Award (c) Magsaysay Award (d) Bharat Ratna Award

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under which election commision functions

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The Fund which enables the President to make advances to meet unforeseen expenditure pending authorization by the Parliament. (1) Consolidated Fund (2) Contingency Fund (3) Emergency Fund (4) Discretionary Fund

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. Rajput women performed (a) Jahaur (b) Coronation (c) Gurilla method (d) None of these

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