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The date of implementation of the value-added tax in whole
of India is

1 1 July 2005

2 1 April 2005

3 1 April 2004

4 1 April 2006

The date of implementation of the value-added tax in whole of India is 1 1 July 2005 2 1 Apri..

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(2) 1 april 2005

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Public Service Commission (1) is an advisory body (2) conducts examinations for appointment to service (3) is to be consulted in disciplinary cases (4) is requested to notify recommendations for promotions

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Which Indian business group acquired Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL) in 2002? 1 Birla Group 2 Tata Group 3 Reliance Group 4 Godrej Group

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The first lady ruler of Delhi was (1) Chandi Bibi (2) Mumtaz Mahal (3) Nurjahan (4) Razia Begum

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who is the first president of independent india

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The depictions in Ajanta caves display the: (a) incidents in the life of Buddha (b) incidents pertaining to Mahavira?s life (c) legends of Vikramditya (d) epic incidents

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The bank employees in India were on a strike recently as they were demanding a hike in their wages. How much wage hike is given to them in terms of percentage? 1 10% 2 10.5% 3 11% 4 12.25%

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World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) was formed in the year: (a) 1967 (b) 1976 (c) 1965 (d) 1968

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When were the earliest written laws of cricket made? (a) 1556 (b) 1700 (c) 1744 (d) 1771

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hi please send me the bank of india officer-past 10 yrs question papers (all obejectives aswell as descriptive) my id is thanks in advance..!!

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NASA recently launched a robotic rover to which of the following planets with a goal to find out if there was any life on it? 1 Jupiter 2 Mars 3 Mercury 4 Venus

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Harsh Mankad and Vishal Uppal were recently in the news as they won Doubles of the ITF Men?s Futures tournament in 1 Badminton 2 Chess 3 Tennis 4 Billiards

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Who founded the philosophy of Pustimarga ? (a) Chaitanya (b) Nanak (c) Surdas (d) Ballabhacharya

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