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. Why does the thunder rumble

(a) Due to vibrations of multiple echoes

(b) Thunder is produced in succession

(c) Thunder moves with the clouds which are moving all the time

(d) None of these

. Why does the thunder rumble (a) Due to vibrations of multiple echoes (b) Thunder is produced..

Answer / guest

(a) Due to vibrations of multiple echoes

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1. The title Vikrmadithya was assumed by

5 Answers  

Constitution provide protection to freedom of press through (1) Art. 14 (2) Art. 21 (3) Art. 32 (4) Art. 19

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Which of the following is a fundamental duty of an Indian citizen ? a) To cast his vote during election b) To develop scientific temper and spirit of inquiry c) To work for removal of illiteracy d) To honour the elected leaders

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The possibility of the birth of fraternal twins arises during/after: (A) fertilisation (B) fertilisation stage (C) third to fifth month of pregnancy (D) Fifth to seventh month of pregnancy

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Who is the chier minister of Andhra Pradesh? Who is the president of Russia? Who is the president of South Korea? Who is the president of South America Nation Bolibia?

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Name all UN member countries of the world.

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Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves, constitute approximately (a) 4.5% (b) 2.7% (c) 1.2% (d) 5.8%

3 Answers   Oriental Bank Of Commerce,

Pulitzer Prizes of the US are awarded for 1 Music 2 Films 3 Print Journalism 4 None of these

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Which one of the following statements is not correct? (A) There is no provision of referendum in the Indian Constitution (B) The State Legislatures do not possess the right to initiate the amendment of the Constitution (C) The proposal for amending the Constitution can be initiated only in the Lok Sabha (D) Indian Constitution is partly flexible and partly rigid

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In which one of the following games/sports did Geet Sethi excel? (a) Badminton (b) Table Tennis (c) Billiards (d) Lawn Tennis

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The United Nations Organisation had sent an arms inspection team to Iraq. Which country had the maximum members in the team? 1 Russia 2 Britain 3 America 4 France

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Shashanka, the King of Gaur, was a contemporary of : (a) Chandragupta II (b) Harshvardhana (c) Mahipala (d) Ballala Sena

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