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why java is called as a purely oops language.

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why java is called as a purely oops language...

Answer / bhagya

java is called purely oops language why because poor opps
language means every thing should be done with the help of
objects java whenever it is still using the c types
(just java is using the best functionalities in java)it is
possessing the oops is clear that in java every
thing should be with in a class or a object.with out using
object we cannot do any thing in java.

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why java is called as a purely oops language...

Answer / sujith

Java is not at all a purely oops language.

A language is called to be purely oops language if and only
if what ever we use in that are objects, including data
types. java still uses c types only except for Strings.

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why java is called as a purely oops language...

Answer / kiran

In Java,since every statement is written under some class( including main()), we can call-it pure o-o. But, Smalltalk is the language that is pure o-o than java

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