whatis the diff. between Tracebility matrix and
Bidirectional Tracebility matrix?

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whatis the diff. between Tracebility matrix and Bidirectional Tracebility matrix?..

Answer / uday kumar. a

we use the tracibility matrix to cross check whether all
the requirements are tested.
In this document we will listout, all requirements and map
the test cases for each requirement. By using this, we can
estimate how much functionality is tested(freezed).
Forward traceability is from requirements to design to code
to testcases.
Backward traceability is on the reverse direction, that the
end product has met the requirements or not.
Bidirectional Tracibility=forward tracibility + backward

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whatis the diff. between Tracebility matrix and Bidirectional Tracebility matrix?..

Answer / emran

TM:- Tracing the test cases as per req.s & checking whether
all the test cases r passed r not

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