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What are viriods?

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What are viriods?..

Answer / soujanya

The virus whose genetic material is not covered proteinous

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What are viriods?..

Answer / neha

Small single stranded covalently closed circular rna
molecules existing as highly base paired rod like
structures which do not possess capsids.

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What are viriods?..

Answer / r.rajani

viriods are small self replicating RNA pathogen

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What are viriods?..

Answer / ravi singh (thatta)

AS small and simple as viruses are ,they dwarf another class
of pathogens,viriods.These are tiny molecules of naked
circular RNA that infects plants.viriods do not encode
protiens but can replicate in host plant cells,apparently
using cellular enzymes.only several hundred nucleotides long
ranging from 250 to 400 nucleotides.

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What are viriods?..

Answer / nilekha

it contain RNA only they are small single stranded circular
RNA.This RNA do not code for proteins eg Hepatitis delta virus

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