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What is meant by Test Methodology?

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What is meant by Test Methodology?..

Answer / mohd asif

test methodology is a company level document prepared by QA
people (project manager) .it refinement form of test
strategy. to do this approach pm
will do the following steps

1. acquire test strategy.
2. identify project type
3. Final TRM is prepared.
4. system test plan is developed
5. if possible module test plan is developed.

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What is meant by Test Methodology?..

Answer / ~special

Testing Methodology means, the way(method) in which we are
going to test the product.

3 Methods -
Black box
White box
Gray box

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What is meant by Test Methodology?..

Answer / neha

Test Methodolgy means:
(1)Black box Testing
(2)White box Testing

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What is meant by Test Methodology?..

Answer / ramjay

Mr. Mohd. Asif is absolutely right except that Test
Methodology is acompany level document.Actually it is a

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