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can anybody explain me the role of QA in every phase of
SDLC (PHASE WISE) to privent from bug.with real life
example.1)requirement analy.2)designing 3)coding 4)testing
5)implementation 6)maintenance.

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can anybody explain me the role of QA in every phase of SDLC (PHASE WISE) to privent from bug.with..

Answer / devesh ojha

.1)requirement analy:- in that phase what are the
requirement of sofware where it will be apply in the future
so thest phase is used if u giong to design any thing
before that u need analysis.
2)designing:it is the major phase in which decided who can
acces who cannot acces all those from that
the desigh\n is done.
3)coding:- coding need to be more simple & give more
funtionallity.that type of coding should be done
4)testing :-in testing all phases all runnig in the same
environment that it will be use due to testing all errors
should be sort out.
5)implementation:in this phase u need to implement ur needs
carefullu without making any erros it is a major part.
6)maintenance.should be done on regular basis

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can anybody explain me the role of QA in every phase of SDLC (PHASE WISE) to privent from bug.with..

Answer / anil k.b

SDLC Phase
For a tester the main phase will be the Requirement Analy.
Tester as to gather the req.specified by the customer and
to start preparing testcases according to the
specifications and once dev team gets the design documents
from the design phase they'll work on implementing the code
and once it is done the testing phase enters and checks the
product works according to the SFS..once we find the build
is stable it will be released to the customer there enters
the Maintenance phase...
keep smiling ;)

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